We Build Inspiring Residential & Commercial Spaces

We Live & Breathe Construction

Sahene Construction was founded in 2004, and we have been actively building in Louisiana communities ever since. Our team enjoys using construction to solve commercial or residential problems and to fulfill community needs. Our overarching goal is to make every interaction with Sahene Construction one that will positively change and benefit the lives of our Clients, Vendors, Partners, and Employees.

We build inspiring spaces.

We’re excited to see what you and Sahene Construction can establish together.

Our Core Values


We aim to be consistent in giving both good and bad news to our Clients, Vendors, Partners, and Employees.

Clear Communication

We know that “Success is a Team Effort.” In other words, a successful project isn’t an accident; it requires thorough planning and communication among everyone involved.


Our team believes that we don’t do projects for our clients, we do them with our clients. You are an important part of the process, and we will always keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know.

Live in Reality

We account for what is realistically  achievable for a project, client, staff, or the company. This includes being honest about everything from the budget, timeline, payment term, or Sahene itself. We always look to face reality as it is, not just how we hope for it to be.