We’ve all seen at least an episode of an HGTV show. Even with all of the problems that pop up, the finished product always comes together seamlessly. When you’re planning on undertaking a home remodeling project, it can be easy to have the same expectations in mind for your own process. But in reality, every home renovation is different. You’ll undoubtedly have some surprises along the way–but not all of them have to be negative, especially with the right team behind you.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some expectations you may have about remodeling your home, and see how reality matches up.

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1. DIY home remodeling will save you money.

We get it. DIY projects seem like a good bet. You get on Youtube, follow along with someone’s instructions, and get your project done at a lower cost than paying a professional.

While doing it yourself may be a good option for a quick update like a new paint job or replacing your faucets, it’s not such a good idea for a major home renovation.

This is especially true when it comes to electrical work or plumbing, which you may have to update in the event of a major renovation. You’ll likely end up costing yourself more money in the long run by trying to go at it alone! Additionally, your insurance company will want a licensed electrician to do any electrical fixes or changes.

2. Everything will go according to schedule.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to remodel their homes is thinking that everything will go perfectly according to schedule.

It’s important to set realistic goals for your project’s timeline. Even with a licensed, professional contractor, you’ll need to work together to set and maintain a pace that works for your budget and your personal schedule.

Keep your renovation to-do list set in stone, and don’t get distracted by any side projects unless it’s absolutely necessary!

The more tasks you want to undertake and the bigger the project is, the longer the process will be. You also need to make sure you calculate extra time for any unexpected issues that arise.
Sit down with your contractor and talk about everything you want complete during the project. It would also be helpful to discuss an order of priority as well.

If you do this, your contractor can work with you to create a realistic schedule and help you manage your expectations relating to the project’s completion time.

3. You have more than enough money budgeted.

However much you have saved up for your home renovation is probably not enough. Most people rarely get the cost of a bathroom or kitchen remodel correct, much less a full-scale renovation. Little things add up, and the entire cost of the project can quickly get out of hand. And that’s if no unexpected issues pop up!
However, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you don’t seriously go over budget:

  • Hire a licensed contractor with good reviews
  • Plan your renovation for the right times– mid-summer and right before the winter holidays are the most expensive periods.
  • Purchase your fixtures and appliances at a good time – January and September typically are best
  • Use the most affordable high-quality materials available
  • Get quotes from contractors and any other services you’ll be using, and figure out the costs of any new appliances, cabinets, and more. Add at least 10% to the total to get a tentative budget for your project.

Of course, you could still go over budget when following this plan. Unexpected problems could throw your budget out of whack. That’s why it’s important to try to budget for those as well.

4. You don’t need an accountability partner.

One of the worst things that could happen after a home renovation is finding out that you’ve gone way over budget because of unnecessary expenses.

Maybe, for example, you decide that you want to completely gut all of the bathrooms to add in a floor-to-ceiling shower. But, as mentioned above, you didn’t budget for that! Some of your ideas may be great changes to your home, but if you didn’t plan them in advance, it’s best to skip trying to implement them. That’s why you need to designate someone who can help keep you accountable so you don’t completely overspend.

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Regardless of your expectations, remodeling your home will always come with some surprises.
That’s why it’s extremely important to have a solid plan in place and get the right contractors by your side.

At Sahene Construction, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team has handled a number of home renovations, and we are dedicated to getting it right in the best possible time that we can. Check out some of our work, or get in touch with us for a consultation now!